"I want my foundation to serve as an economic hand of justice that seeks to eliminate invisible barriers between disadvantaged people and their goals, clearing the path for educational, occupational, social, and political parity."

—Vel Phillips

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The Vel Phillips Foundation

2523 E. Webster Place

Suite 12

Milwaukee, WI 53211

(414) 988-6780


Share Vel’s Vision for Our Community

Vel Phillips’ vision of a community where diversity is a natural part of life, led her to a courageous decision to march and fight for justice. She continues to believe that a community that pulls together for equality for all its citizens--knowing that in the end that helping the least of us, helps all of us-- is the community that will shine like a beacon to lead the way to economic strength for all of us.

Donate to Uplift Our Community

The focus of the Vel Phillips Foundation is giving scholarships to qualified minorities and grants to organizations that focus on social justice, educational initiatives, jobs, and equality in housing. The foundation will also fund cutting-edge initiatives, individual or collaborative, that will enhance harmony among people of different socio-economic levels, races, sects, and ethnicities.

The March Goes On

The march started when Vel became the first woman ever to sit on Milwaukee’s Common Council in 1956. Now, 50 years later, she has chosen this foundation as a way to keep the march alive.

With your help, the march can go on through the 21st Century. Young volunteers are encouraged to walk in Vel’s footsteps. By interacting with her and other respected leaders while being educated on past accomplishments, which paved the way for all minorities and women, we will never forget those left behind in the journey to create a community that cares for all, equally.

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